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Please put proper roll number in search box along with complete code. e.g MCES-13-05

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BS IT 4th Semester (2014-18) Morning/Evening, M.A Urdu (2016-20) Results Updated !!

How to enter my Roll Number?

You have to enter your proper roll number with complete code, session & roll number. e.g MCES-13-05

Proper roll number contains (Department code) – (Session) – (Roll Number)


e.g MCES-13-05

MCES= Department Code

13= Session

05= Roll Number


Proper Roll Numbers of some programs & semestersĀ are given as:

Program Code
BS Chemistry (2016-20) MCEC-16-01
BS IT (2014-18) Evening MCITE-14-02
BS IT (2014-18) Morning MCEIT-14-01
BS Mathematics (2016-20) MCEMT-16-02
M.A UrduĀ  (2016-20) EMMUD-16-1
M.Sc Chemistry (2015-17) MCHEM-15-10
BS Economics (2014-18) MCEEC-14-01
BS Statististics (2016-20) MCES-16-01
BS IR (2016-20) MCEIR-16-01

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